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The value of leadership coaching is echoed by Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Google, who says his “best advice to new CEOs is to have a coach”.

Anyone who manages people has leadership responsibility whether they are aware of it or not. And, leadership is all about the way in which a manager manages. Studies across the world have shown that top leaders, today state that the management’s business priority is to cultivate as many great leaders as possible. There are companies struggling for survival and growth due to leadership blind spots that gradually, erode opportunities over time.  Leaders continue to manage in the same ways that once made them successful. But, how relevant is it today?

It is the leader who is conscious who demonstrates the outstanding ability to collaborate with others, who has greater self-awareness and higher level of emotional mastery, is responsible, humble, is transparent in communication with win-win negotiation skills – who will turn the fortunes of a company.

The speed of this transformation for an individual and an organization goes up dramatically when leaders are being coached one on one. There are various studies on Leadership Coaching around the world.  The findings demonstrate that 40% of CEOs and 68% of the senior executive team had worked with a coach. In fact, over 90% of leaders being coached say they plan to use a coach again.

As a Coach, I have been coaching my clients to empower them to focus on self-awareness and transforming their thinking process towards conscious leadership and decision-making.

My coaching incorporates specific NLP strategies and techniques that help in performance enhancement and changes the way you think and react so you can change your outcome – morphing negative thinking or behaviour to positive.

It is proven to be extremely popular in my work – in challenging and overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold you back; increasing personal effectiveness, motivation and focus; transitioning out of your current job/career; goal setting and success conditioning and expanding your business.

I adopt an approach that assists in seeking behavioural changes related to strong dislikes, fears and phobias, past trauma, conflict communication, persuasion and stress related as well.

My clients include top and middle management executives of multinational companies, SMEs, business-owners and professionals like CAs, doctors, surgeons, legal advisors and counsellors.

Farazna Suri


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